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noromamai (NRO) 2008-07-07 18:28:00
After a long time of inactivity, something's a stirrin... I have just added a page for Metal Gear Solid 4. Speed Run on Solid Normal without use of any Extras (another speed run page will bu up shortly after i get the stealth item, hehe). We are playing the European version, but runs performed on Japanese and American versions are welcome too, there shouldn't be any difference. Although I don't think many people have time to actually do any runs...

noromamai (NRO) 2007-10-20 18:27:14
it is because you have nothing better to do =)

RidgeRacingRoel (RRR) 2007-10-05 00:55:14
Make that 207.000. It's not that I've got nothing else to do, I'm just that good. It's too easy... Manon

RidgeRacingRoel (RRR) 2007-10-04 22:48:18
The golden cup for lumines PSP looks pretty sweet on my resume, but i must confess that manon beat me fair and square with a little more than 168.000 points. she cannot submit the score because she forgot her username/password. truth is one's highscore only counts when it's submitted on the page, therefor i can still enjoy my highscore

noromamai (NRO) 2007-08-19 20:01:18
Added a Lumines Plus hiscore page because it was requested by Wenders. Now the only thing left to do is to populate the table. Although i don't think a lot of people have Lumines Plus, most people who like the game already own the game on PSP.

noromamai (NRO) 2007-07-24 00:20:22
Deleted some unused accounts, now we only have 12 players left on the site, of which none are really active (read: we're all old demented retards). Still hoping some more people will feel like joining in on this non-community and liven things up a bit. Although this week is bound to have some activity on the RR7 hiscore. Maybe Southern Way will join in on the compo, heard he is a RR7 loverboy too.

noromamai (NRO) 2007-07-24 00:10:31
Mr. "I'll kick your asssss" said he'd bust our times for RR7 and guess what.... He didn't even beat Wenders' score who played RR7 for her first time and only had 2 runs at Seaside route (those were also the only 2 runs she ever played RR7). Guess who's uberskills are totally busted!

noromamai (NRO) 2007-07-22 22:37:28
New hiscore page added! Ridge Racer 7 [JAP/PS3] - Seaside Route 765 - No Nitrous. RRR's better half is out of the county for a week or so, that means he will be bored without his mad sex0r at home and will hog my PS3 to try and humiliate me by beating my best score with a few hundreths of a second again.

noromamai (NRO) 2007-06-23 23:19:03
Added a new hiscore page for 7 Wonders [USA/PSP]. Finish story mode once as fast as possible.

noromamai (NRO) 2007-04-24 22:13:36
We have a new member/competitor, Southern Way. He is a Ridge Racer fan, so expect some action there. I'll wait for a message from to see which track he would like to compete on Ridge Racer 7 for PS3. Hopefully there won't be any differences between the PAL and JAP versions.